About the Mountain

We’re just some university students trying to get through to this big, big, world.


2 responses to “About the Mountain

  1. Hi Leo,

    There is an article I really love by environmental anthropologist Roy Rappaport, “The Anthropology of Trouble” in American Anthropologist. You can get it thru the library’s JSTOR. It sort of puts the field of economics in its proper (contingent, facilitative) role regarding the environment (fundamental to life) and environmental harms. I especially like pp. 299 & “Monetization…forces the great range of unique and distinct materials and processes that together sustain or even constitute life into an arbitrary and specious equivalence. Phenomena that relate to each other essentially in terms of their qualitative distinctiveness are represented and understood in terms of a logic that reduces all qualitative distinctions to mere quantitative differences, a logic that…attempts to ‘bottom line’ the world.”

    • Thank you for commenting Professor Vincentnathan, I will be sure to check the article out and put out a review on the press to expose it to those who do not have access to the text.

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